Burkburnett Hopes to Reduce Water Consumption

Wichita Falls sells water to several other cities in Texoma and as the precious resource becomes more scarce, Burkburnett officials are encouraging their wholesale customers to reduce their usage.
The city of Wichita Falls has given Burkburnett two weeks to reduce the amount of water they use from the Wichita Falls supply by 35%.
During a city council meeting on Thursday, Burkburnett City Manager Tim James provided information to the Board of Commissioners on how Burkburnett residents are listening to the calls to conserve.
James says water conservation efforts in the city are in overdrive.
He adds residents have been making big strides.
"Over time, they continue to reduce their total consumption even though we've had growth and we've had expansion," James says. "Our total consumption on a daily basis is going down."
James says the city has purchased 500 acres to dig 25 new wells which will provide one million gallons of water a day.
He says that's in addition to the one million gallons currently produced by the city's 68 active wells.
James hopes to have that project completed in the next six to ten months.
Also, James says they are trying to decrease the amount of water they have to buy from Wichita Falls. 
"We fully understand what their concerns are in the reduction of the supply to Burkburnett. That is why we are making every effort to make those conservation changes and to reduce our total consumption," James exclaims.
In addition, James says the majority of the city's water comes from its wells.
"A lot of it is due to the fact that Burkburnett has had our own water supply system, our well field, for a long time and fully understand that during periods of drought, sometimes production goes down. It's very important to conserve water throughout the year," James says.
He says the city recently amended their stage three water restrictions which is helping them get closer to their 35% reduction goal.
James says, "Hopefully that will continue. The rain always helps us to see our consumption go down so hopefully we'll keep getting some good rain and we keep moving forward with reducing our overall consumption.
The Burkburnett City Council will meet again on June 17 to discuss moving forward with their drought contingency plan if water conservation efforts are not met.

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