Burkburnett Man's Book May Become Movie

A local man may be getting the chance to see his book become a movie.

When Burkburnett native Clay Kahler published his book "The Fallen" in 2012, he wanted to tell a story of two brothers who take different paths in life and reunite after one asks for the other while sitting on death row.

So, he was shocked when he got a call in 2015 from a producer in Hollywood about taking the book one step further and turning it into a movie.

"Having somebody of the stature and with the acclaim and accomplishments of [Producer] Doug Curtis interested in my story. It's amazing to me, it's humbling. I'm a country kid, grew up in Texoma and all of a sudden this man who's made 22 movies is excited about something that I've written."

Doug Curtis' IMDb page lists his previous work which includes "Freddy vs Jason," "Shark Night 3D," and "Shoot 'Em Up."

Curtis said he chose to take a chance on Kahler's book after listening to an audiobook version of it on the way to visit his daughter in the San Francisco area.

"She lives in San Jose. When I got to her home, I had about a half an hour left on the book. And I was so engrossed in the book that I just sat in front of her house and listened to the rest of it. I was just very taken by it," Curtis said.

He said he has high hopes for the movie because the story is well-written. 

"I think with the right cast and right screenplay it could cross over because what it's talking about is universal."

Curtis adds the movie is in pre-production and is looking for investors.

Once they have the funds, they can move forward with production that, he said, can start as early as September of this year.




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