Burkburnett "Water Witcher" Finds Ground Water Using Dowsing Rods

In these current times where water conservation is key and every drop counts, many Texomans are turning to alternatives for more water, like praying for rain.

Water wells are popular but can a "water witcher" actually help find where that well should be?
Water witching is not a form a witchcraft.

A water witcher is a person who claims to be able to find underground water with the help of dowsing rods.

Kenneth Bower is one of a few residents in Burkburnett that has the luxury of having his own water supply in his back yard.

Bower discovered ground water through a hobby known as dowsing or water witching.

Bower takes two L-shaped metal wire rods and walks the land. 

"You just put them in your hand. You can squeeze as hard as you can. You can squeeze hard. When they start going, you can't stop them," Bower says.

If the rods cross, Bower says you have located ground water.

He says he's been a water witcher for a long time and has even found water flowing underground for a few friends.

"That's the only reason I did it. You never know if it gets too bad, you'll have your own water supply and it really doesn't cost that much. In the long run, it's going ot pay for itself," Bower says. "I think it's good if you can find water in your property and you drill there, go ahead. It's always precautionary... you'll have water. You can water your flowers, your trees, plants, grass, whatever. It works, that's all I can say. Some people can do it and try it and it don't work and then there are some people that do it and it works all the time."

Bower says even though some people may have the water witching gift, don't go digging up wells just yet.

He says people should try it out a few times before investing any money in it.

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