Businesses Not Easy to Regulate in Stage 5

The new restrictions could burn a hole in your pocket as water surcharges are going up again.

If you use more than 10 units or 75- hundred gallons of water which city officials say is average for a family you will be paying a pretty penny for the extra water.

If you go over that, you will pay a surcharge fee of 6 dollars.

The fees increase the more water you use.

Officials say the surcharges only affect residents because businesses would be too hard to regulate.

“Businesses, their consumption vary so much across the board, for example, a 7-11 on the corner won't use as much as a dry cleaners, or a restaurant.  So you can't set a base rate that says every commercial business if you exceed this amount of water then you get a surcharge applies because if you set that amount too small then PPG would wind up paying a surcharge of millions of dollars a month,” says Public Works Director Russell Schreiber.

Schreiber says they did look into restricting apartment complexes, but renters use less water than most homes.

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