Businesses Prepare for Water Rate Increase

- A day after Wichita Falls city councilors approve a 53 percent water rate hike, businesses are figuring out how to adjust to the increase cost.

“I've never raised my prices in 22 years,” says Owner of Beverly Laundry Mat, Donald Ehlere.

They say there's a first time for everything and the first price increase at Beverly and 10th Laundry and Cleaners could be coming soon.

“I'm sure I'm gonna have to raise my prices but I’m gonna wait and see,” says Ehlere.

He says the water bill to keep 31 washers going throughout the day is normally about 800 a month but he says with the 53 percent rate increase he thinks their next bill will jump to about 13 hundred dollars.

“Am I working here to pay them? That's what I have to look at, am I working here just to pay the city,” says Ehlere.

Customers at Texas Roadhouse will not see a change in their bill despite the increase water cost.

“Not in any shape or form,” says Owner Craig Bolles.

Says they will just have to deal with the extra cost because they have already conserved as much as they can.

“We have the condensation lines from our air conditioning units running down into the kitchen we can use that water to scrub the front of the house floors and the back of the house floors at the end of the night,” says Bolles.

They also have reduced the number of plates they serve to cut back on washing dishes and offer bottled water.

Small changes that could help them from getting a much bigger bill.

Once again, the water rate hike will only affect the water option of your bill and that 53 percent increase will be seen for Wichita Falls water users on their next water bill.

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