Busy School Intersection Leads West Foundation PTA to Speak with City

One Wichita Falls school's growth is a growing problem.

With more students attending West Foundation Elementary, more parents are coming to pick up and drop off their kids before and after the school bell rings. 

City officials say they hear complaints every new school year from parents at West Foundation about the dangerous intersection on Barnett Road and Lake Wellington, but now some changes might start being made. 

It's all because West Foundation is located in this sub-division. There is only one way in and out of the neighborhood, which means when it's time to pick up and drop off about 400 cars can be seen pulling in and out, making for a congested situation. 

Cars and kids. A whole lot of them. That's what's making morning drop off and afternoon pick up at West Foundation Elementary a traffic nightmare. 

Amy Cox, a West Foundation PTA board member said, "It's just really a mess, it's dangerous, and the kids are of the utmost concern." 

Amy Cox has two children at West Foundation and says the school is growing greatly each year and that's causing more traffic to come in and out of the Lake Wellington subdivision. And with more traffic comes more chaos, like the wreck that happened on November 16th. 

Police say a mother was picking up her three kids from the school and as she pulled out of the subdivision onto Barnett she was t-boned by a Ford Escape. Now the school wants to get the city involved. But after several studies conducted at the location, city officials say they can't take any action. 

Mark Beauchamp of the Traffic Engineering Division said, "We are only seeing those met during those school pick up and drop off times, so there is just not enough traffic driving it in order to get, to meet those warrants to get a traffic system." 

And even though the city can't do anything just yet, they are still working alongside the school and the WFISD to find a solution in hopes of this traffic problem to disappear. 

Starting January first, the WFISD plans to pay an off duty officer to direct traffic at the entrance into the subdivision. They also say come next school year they may even create a staggered dismissal so that there will be less congestion.

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