Byers Gun Range Raises Concerns

Doug Holbert of Byers is the lead instructor with the E-6 Defense Company, which aims to teach citizens how to safely handle and use firearms, but the location of his new gun range in Byers hits a little close to home for some.

"We heard that they're was a gun range going in Byers, nobody knew where it was at untill one Saturday we came outside and we hear gunshots, not sure where they're coming from, only to learn that they're right in our front yard." Said Byers Resident April Washburn.

The shots were coming from Doug Holbert's gun range located across the street and just past an empty lot from several homes.

A gun range property owner Doug Holbert built earlier this year to conduct his gun safety courses.

Holbert allowed our crews inside the range and pointed out the safety features he built to stop the bullets, which include 20 inches of solid grade one railroad ties lined against a catch wall.

Although the range passes state regulations for a shooting range inside a municipality, having a gun range facing their direction has some residents concerned.

"Our children play here, neighborhood kids, my neices and nephews, my kids they all play right here." Said Washburn.

Holbert informed us that all shooters are trained using pistols and not high powered weapons and that high density railroad tiles are designed to repel the bullets.

Residents living behind the shooting range say the safest precaution, would be moving the range to a location on the edge of or outside of city limits altogether.

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