Car Tire Flats on the Rise

The huge hail storm last spring did massive damage all over town, but it also brought a lot of business and jobs to various companies like roofers, car repair shops, window companies and even tire companies.

Most days are busy at Discount Tire, where on average they see about 150 cars a day.

But in recent months they and other stores we checked with have been even busier fixing a lot more flats than usual.

The culprit in a lot of those flat tires turns out to be roofing nails.

“My wife was headed to Bible study and she called me up and it was low.”

For James Mayse finding a nail in one of the tires on his Chevy Uplander is nothing new.

He says this is his second trip in the last several weeks to repair a flat because of a nail.

“I picked up some in my work truck and I have picked up two in her car here,” he said.

Discount Tire says they've already seen about 350 of them in October alone.

A lot of that business may be related to the roofing repairs, still in full swing several months after the hail damage.

Nails fall from roofs as old shingles are removed, or fall from the trucks as they are hauled off.

“With the storms here recently, there stripping a lot of roofs and they are taking them to the dump and it seems like a lot of them are getting dropped on the street,” said Mayse.

“If you drive our streets and look in the curb you are going to see debris and stuff like that and I think that is where most of our problems are coming from,” said Walter McCarley, the Discount Tire Manager.

So it's best to be on the lookout on the road and make regular checks of your tires to make sure you also haven’t been nailed.

Wichita Falls does have an ordinance which requires all loads of debris to be covered with a tarp or other cover.

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