Carillon Music Fills MSU for Regional Conference


Music filled the air at MSU Saturday as nine differnt people played the
historic carillon.

This weekend was the annual carillon conference that brought together
mucisians from across North America.

Attendees gathered to share their experiences and enjoy the music of other

There are less than 200 carrillons across the country and msu has one of
the few that is played by hand and not electronic.

Organizers say it's important for the public to share in the
carillon's music because there are many misconceptions about the set
of bells.

"You say the word carillon and people have images of a hunchback, climbing
up a tower and swining from bells and it's not that at all. I alot of
people don't know that it's actualy a person. Looking up there, you
can't tell there's a person playing,"
says MSU Carilloner Jim Quashnock.

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