Carr Sentenced to Prison Time for Indecency with a Child

    Testimony heats up once again in Jesse Paul Carr's indecency with a child trial.
    An 89th District Court jury found Carr guilty of indecency with a three-year-old girl by touching himself in front of her.
    They sentenced him to six-and-a-half years in prison.
    After closing arguments today, Carr's grandma walked aggressively toward lead prosecutor Starla Jones, stating she wanted to talk to her.
    She was apparently upset by Jones' closing argument.
    Jones put up her hand and told the woman she didn't want to speak with her.
    Carr's grandma then grabbed Jones by the wrist.
    Sheriff's deputies and district attorney security noticed the altercation, and ordered Carr's grandma out of the courtroom.
    Judge Mark Price ordered Carr's grandma be removed from the building, and she was escorted out of the courthouse.
    Earlier in the trial, Carr's mother was found in contempt of court for talking about the case with another witness, after having been sworn in and placed under the witness rule.
    Judge Price said he'd assess her punishment at a later date.
    During closing arguments today, Jones gave the jury insight into the defendant's history and told jurors Carr preyed on at least six victims.
    Jones also brought up alleged instances of deviant sexual activity and asked jurors to put Carr behind bars for as long as possible to keep him from molesting other children.
    Defense Attorney Rick Mahler asked jurors to give his client a second chance by giving him probation because he's never been convicted of a felony.
    Jones argued Carr already had a second chance in 2002 when he was 14-years-old.
    During that incident, he was sentenced to probation and counseling for pleading down to a lesser offense of injury to a child for touching a three-year-old family member.

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