Castaway Cove Ready to Open with Well Water

Kids are splashing into summer at Castaway Cove, in water that's just as refreshing, but comes from underground, not the lakes as in years past.

So we are not using potable water from the city to fill our pool. We are using the water we are having brought in,” said Steve Vaughn, Castaway Cove's manager.

Vaughn says the city plans to spend about $70,000 this season keeping these tanks filled with well water.

They say Greentouch Lawn and Landscape will deliver about 6,000 to 9,000 gallons of water a day.

And they hook a hose up to it and they use a pump to pump the water, right down here, and it goes to each tank at the very top,” he said.

Eventually filling up the pools, keeping kids floating through summer.

Something some residents say they have grown dependent on in the hot summer months.

When you think about the town as a whole, its really populated by a lot of children, I'm a teacher so that's what we do, focus on the children, and that's what they need for the summer,” said Mallory Motley from Wichita Falls. 

People need to have a getaway. Something that they can do during this drought,” said Dave Nave, another Wichita Falls resident.

So while we pray for ran, kids can continue to play.

Park officials say admission prices are staying the same in hopes of drawing the same size crowds as in years past.

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