Church Teens Fast to Raise Awareness of Poverty in India

A youth group from a Texoma Church is striving to make a difference, by bringing the extreme poverty levels of India to light.

"Rather than just looking at a piece of paper and saying, Oh they need money here i'll sign something and send them a check in the mail, we're actually hearing from people in that country and hearing about the struggles in their lives and it's just more real." Said Notre Dame Senior Rachel Parkey.

More than 90 Texoma Teens took the challenge of refraining from food for the past 24 hours, starting at 6:30pm Friday. All as a part of the Sacred Heart Church's 7th Annual Food Fast Retreat.

Asking kids not to eat for an entire day and instread, satisfying their minds with the growing issue of starvation around the world.

"Mostly we take it as an opportunity to walk in solidarity and take a piece of their experience and hopefully learn from it and grow as people and understand that the things we have are always taken for granted." Said Hirschi Junior Robert Cannon.

This year's event highlighted the country of India because of the hundreds of millions of citizens there who live in poverty.

During their retreat, teens heard from Indian Pastors, who challenged the students to help the poor.

"Not many people want to give up their weekend to come and do something like this but I think it's important they choose to because it brings a great consciousness to youth about world issues." Said Cannon.

The teens did more than just fast however, by raising sponsorships and building care packages to send to India.

"It's really a moving experience for me, the most important part is knowing I'm making a real difference." Said Parkey. 

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