City and State Crews Making Street Safety a Priority

At first check, the number of wrecks around North Texas seems to be down compared to our last round of winter weather in November.

But despite better conditions now, state and local road crews have been working overtime this weekend to make sure everyone stays safe.

Both TxDot and Wichita Falls' street crews have been working since last night and have plans to keep working through tomorrow as condition may only get worse.

TxDot officials say their first priority was clearing 1-44 and 287 after the winter storm, and road conditions plus the right amount of traffic helped the crews have a productive day.

“We got sleet before we got snow which is fortunate because we can plow both so that was a fortune thing, we also got it real slushy out there today, traffic helped but we didn't have too much traffic and that also helped the snow plows as well,” says TxDot's Public Information Officer Adele Lewis.

But that those good conditions could take a turn for the worst.

“Everything is gonna refreeze hard over night, so the morning time if everybody's trying to get somewhere at 7 or 8 in the morning that may be a very dangerous situation, it's gonna be slippery out there,” says Lewis.

And when roads freeze city crews, who are plowing priority roads, have to make a switch, hoping to provide extra traction for drivers.

“Work until it starts freezing, when it starts freezing you can't plow anymore, then you strictly go back to ice chat, so hopefully we get the majority of the slush and stuff of the streets,” says Larry Krugle with the Wichita Falls Street Crew.

Krugle says his crew will keep working through Monday morning until all priority streets get taken care of and Lewis says what crews can't get to Sunday night, they hope to clear Monday.

“We hope to get more head way and to get into our FM roads, if you do live on a large FM road and you got one pass by a snow plow today that was fortunate because it's hard for us to get off onto those secondary and tertiary roads,” says Lewis.

Both officials say if it's not an emergency, it's best for drivers to stay home.

Now if you have to head out you can check road conditions first, just click here. 

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