City Council Could Vote to Amend Stage Three Water Restrictions

Wichita Falls, TX. - Wichita Falls isn't expected to go into stage 4 water restrictions for a couple of months, but one stage 4 restriction could come sooner than that.

City leaders say they will discuss ending one day a week sprinkler irrigation before stage 4 is even declared.

The city council decided to have the Water Resources Commission look into stage three changes after many citizens yesterday spoke in favor of cutting off the use of sprinklers.

During stage three restrictions Wichita Falls residents are allowed to water their lawns with sprinkler systems on their assigned day between the hours of midnight and five a.m.

In stage four that will be eliminated for residents and businesses, and now, it could happen even before stage 4.

Wichita Falls resident Cristian Barron says the sooner the better.

"It is a good idea because we need to conserve our water, who knows when the last drop is gonna be," says Barron.

Public Works Director Russell Schreiber says even though changing the restrictions now will help conserve some water, the process of changing the ordinance will be difficult.

"Everyone's gotten familiar or used to the stage three restrictions and now we're gonna modify those, so there's gonna be a lot of public outreach that we are going to need to do to reeducate the public,"say Schreiber.

Wichita Falls resident Gwen Moramn says even though it may cause confusion, It's no reason not to take action now that can mean more water later.

"I think that's a good reaction, I think rules are made to be changed and I think that shows responsibility, says Schreiber.

Schreiber says banning use of sprinkler systems could create a hardship for residents whose only way to water is with the systems.

"Wll there be a big backlash from those particular folks? I don't know. It could be but we'll just have to deal with it," says Schreiber.

Schreiber says the water resource commission should be able to present the proposed changes at the next city council meeting.

If you want to voice your opinion, that meeting will be at 8:30 on June 18th.



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