City of Quanah Urged to Spray for Mosquitoes by Residents

A Quanah woman's death has several residents concerned about their safety.

A report from the Quanah Chief Tribune suggest the woman may have died from West Nile, though it is not confirmed.

Now several residents are upset because the city has not sprayed for mosquitoes to protect their citizens from the virus.

Officials say they plan to spray but have faced several challenges when planning to do so.

And though they have received a complaint or two-- most residents don't even think its necessary.

Hot and dry; that's the climate Texomans have been facing this summer.

But those conditions aren't the ones mosquitoes thrive in.

"If you don't have any water you don't have any mosquitoes and we really haven't, I mean it's been really really dry here and I haven't heard of anything and I haven't seen anything," said Cyndi Brackeen, a Quanah resident.

Maverick Townson, who does business frequently in Quanah said, "It's just hot and dry out here so I haven't really noticed anything during the day."

But for Quanah city officials that's not the case.

A couple people have called in wanting the city to spray for mosquitoes.

"We are following up the best we can on the complaints and concerns. Just getting everything lined up and everything because we have to borrow the machines from Chillicothe and have to get that set up," said Quanah Public Works Director, Tony Tallent.

That and waiting for the right weather conditions has put a hold on the city's attempt to spray.

Now the city plans to spray Monday evening and hopes it will ease concerns.

Many residents say they're not worried at all.

"The city council knows exactly what they are doing they are good guys, good men and women," Brackeen said.

Quanah officials said they have also considered using pellets to put in still water to get rid of the mosquitoes.

But since still water is rare to find right now, they don't think it's necessary.

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