City Officials Say WF Fill Station Misused

- Water is still in very limited supply throughout Texoma and now some folks are finding ways to get their hands on some at reduced costs.

In 1997, the fill station on Reilly Road was set up for newly annexed residents to get city water for home use. But now city officials say it's become a source of water for more and more residents and people in surrounding areas.

For Wichita Falls residents, like Jimmy Green, stopping at the fill station on has become a weekly task.

“It's cheaper to come out here and you don't get no fines and stuff running too much water in town, so it's easier to come out here to get it,” he said.

For 25 cents here you'll get about 100 gallons of water.

The station was originally built by the city to provide water to those annexed city residents.

Recently a sign was posted saying because of the water restrictions, water purchases should be limited to residents in those annexed area.

Officials say in the last several months the amount of water taken from the fill station has more than quadrupled, which has forced them to monitor the station users. And their findings aren't making them too happy.

“Number one they are circumventing surcharges that all other city residents have in place and they are also using more water then a lot of those residents normally would in other circumstances,” said Mark Southard, Wichita Falls' Water Purification Supt. 

But Green says he has good reason to fill up his tank.

“Trees got to live too, if they die we aren't going to get no oxygen,” he said.

“Obviously no one wants to see trees die, but at some point we need to be concerned about these lake levels and start worrying about what we are going to do in the future to help conserve what we currently have,” said Southard.

Because without rain, that's the only water we have left.

During Tuesday's city council meeting, officials will discuss how they can make formal restrictions at the fill station.

They say the most severe solution would be to restrict the fill station to only the annexed city residents by appointment only.

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