City Worker Stung 1,000 Times by Bees, Two Others Stung

Three city of Wichita Falls employees continue to recover after being attacked by Africanized Killer Bees. Paramedics say one of those employees was stung at least one- thousand times.

The Weeks Park Tennis Center and the back nine holes of the Champions Course at Weeks Park are still shut down. It's expected to stay closed until Friday morning, when the golf course reopens and when an MSU golf tournament is set to begin.

As for the conditions of the workers that were stung, we're told one was stung one-thousand times and remains hospitalized, but is in good condition. Another remains hospitalized also in good condition. And the third was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon.

What started out as routine maintenance around Holliday Creek by Wichita Falls street crews quickly turned into a dangerous situation Thursday morning.

WFFD Chief Jon Reese said, "The fire department received a phone call at 10:11 this morning for a medical call for bee stings."

And it wasn't just a few stings and a few bees, but hundreds of stings, and thousands of angry Africanized Bees. City workers were mowing in the area when the giant hive was disturbed and the swarm attacked. A bee keeper summoned to the scene said the hive was the largest he had ever seen.

"The first unit arrived here on scene and found a city worker had been stung multiple times. In the course of trying to find out what happened, we found that three others were stung as well," Reese said.

Reese says at one point, one of those men was covered in bees from head-to-toe.

"We had several that were instantly sick," he told us.

They were all taken to the hospital.

First responders and a local beekeeper found the hive, which had been built in some landscaping rocks under the overpass on the golf course.

"Not only will we use a bee killing spray, but we'll also use a mixture of class-a foam that we carry on our engines, which will inhibit the flight and the ability to sting," he explained.

The hive was neutralized and crews say the area should now be safe.

Wichita Falls Fire Department crews are sporadically stopping by, just to make sure everything and everyone stays safe. They'll continue to do so throughout the night.

The city of Wichita Falls later clarified that only three workers had been stung.

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