Civilian Workers Back to Work in Texoma

The government shutdown continues, but hundreds of Texomans at Sheppard and Altus Air Force Bases and Fort Sill Army Post are back to work today after a reversal of opinion about whether they are essential.

The Pentagon now says under the law,  most of the civilians sent home can be classified as essential to the military's mission.

Civilian workers like Kimberly Dagdag are back on the grind, and happy to be there.

“I got up this morning with an extra bounce in my step I guess, definitely well rested, ready to get back to work,” she said.

Kimberly is one of about 640 workers who were furloughed at Sheppard last week during the government shutdown.

And it had her taking a hard look at her bank account not knowing when she might be making her next deposit.

“Making sure all our bills were paid and kind of really looking at the next few months that we are saving properly and things like that,” she said.

Officials at Sheppard are also relieved to have their full staffs back.

Because though they say they can remain functional in the short term without those employees,  their missions in the long term would suffer.

“Our civilian workers in training represent a lot of corporate knowledge. The military folks come and they go and they are awesome, the civilians a lot of them have been here for years and years and year so they know how things work,” said George Woodward, Sheppard Air Force Base's Public Affairs Director.

At Fort Sill, about 2500 civilian workers who were furloughed will be back at work this week at Fort Sill, and about 320 at the Air Force Base in Altus.

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