Clay County Sheriff's Office Receives New Patrol Vehicle Cameras

If a deputy pulls you over in clay county, new equipment will be capturing it all. 

The Clay County Sheriff's Office got approval from commissioner's court in June to purchase new cameras for their patrol units, something that hasn't been upgraded in about seven years.

Clay County Deputy Raudel Gonzalez is making a routine traffic stop, and capturing that stop is some new equipment that's being installed in all eight of the sheriff's office patrol vehicles.
And it's those cameras they say are vital for both their safety and the citizens.

“We use them each and every day. It protects in law enforcement against false claims of abuse, violations of civil rights and things like that because as we all know the camera don't lie,” said Sheriff Kenny Lemons.

The front camera captures things like traffic stops but there is also a second camera to monitor what is happening inside the vehicle as well.

The video system cost about $26,000.
But Sheriff Lemons say the cameras can pay for themselves in aiding investigations.

Like the dash camera footage from Montague County Deputy Boyd's car which showed him getting shot and revealed some other crucial clues in the case. 

“That camera system in his car was very instrumental in not only identifying and later locating the vehicle of the person responsible,” said Sheriff Lemons.

And those using the new devices are glad to have a video record of not only the suspect's actions, but the officer's too.

“It just allows for that one extra checks and balances, so the people know we aren't abusing our authority. That we are doing our jobs the way we need to be doing them,” said Deputy Gonzalez.

Six of the eight clay county patrol units have the new cameras, but they still have to install a couple more.  They say all the new equipment will be running in the next few weeks.

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