Clay County Woman Creates Color Changing Boots

- Boots come in many colors and styles but a boot, created by a Clay County woman, takes those two things to another level.

Leslie Thompson is like most women who want their shoes to match their outfit. But with boots, that is is not always possible unless you purchase several colorful pair. So, Thompson created a solution that has her stylishly walking all the way to the bank.

It's the sound of success because this colorful leather inlay has a Clay County woman cashing in on her creation, Dusty Rocker Boots.

"I was constantly having the problem where I felt like I was wearing a pink dress and I needed pink and black boots rather than red and black boots.  So, I thought I have got to figure out a way to come up with a boot that I change out the color of the inside so that it always matches what I'm wearing," says Leslie Thompson, owner and creator of Dusty Rocker Boots.

Thompson says turning her idea into a reality took some time.

"What I had to do was look for a manufacturer that wouldn't just try my concept but take a private label because I wanted it to be mine," Thompson says.

Several months before she found a manufacturer, Thompson says she had already decided to name her creation after her first horse, Dusty.
And it's something that proved so fitting.

"Shortly after the business was actually started the horse was killed in a tragic accident.  So, it was only appropriate the business was named after him from the beginning," Thompson explains.

After hitting the market more than a year ago, Thompson's Dusty Rocker Boots are now bringing a splash of color to women across the United States and parts of Canada.

Thompson says a patent is pending for Dusty Rocker Boots. In addition to filling orders, she is also working on boots for men, minus the color inserts.

For more information on Dusty Rocker Boots and where you can purchase them, click the following links:

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