Cloud Seeding Enters Second Phase

- Seeding Operations and Atmospheric Research officials are optimistic the second part of the cloud seeding contract with the city of Wichita Falls will go well.

With rain in the forecast, cloud seeding started a few days before the contracted Sept. 1 start date. The first four months of cloud seeding proved to be beneficial for the city of Wichita Falls and SOAR officials are getting ready for any cloud seeding opportunity.

Rain falling in Wichita Falls is never a bad sight and with SOAR's cloud seeding contract in its final phase, Texomans know every drop counts.

Stephen Powers with Moore Aviation says, "The city of Wichita Falls didn't want to miss a good opportunity. We knew we had a great chance for weather yesterday, today and I think even through the weekend a little bit."

Powers says cloud seeding officials are getting ready to take advantage of any seeding opportunities.

"As long as we have the seedable clouds and we've got the seedable events, we can get up there and help increase the rainfall on the ground," Powers says.

He says they are preparing themselves by stocking up on salt flares.

"We've had really really good luck with it and it has a better effect with the warmer, lower level moisture in the clouds and we've been burning a lot of those lately and seen really really good results with them," Powers says.

He says they are in constant communication with the pilot and can track when and where those flares have been lit and if they are working.

He says, "I can get in there on the Titan machine and watch the clouds as Brian is seeding it or whoever the pilot is seeding it and from within two update cycles, I can watch that cloud grow."

It's technology Powers says he always grateful for anytime it rains. The cloud seeding plane did take off again on Friday afternoon around 3 p.m. and seeded around Baylor County lighting six flares.

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