Cloud Seeding Pilot Uses Alternative to Silver Iodide in Saturday's Flights

- Officials say the cumulonimbus clouds in Saturday’s thunderstorm were perfect for cloud seeding, so the cloud seeding plane took flight twice.

Cumulonimbus clouds are those which form into thunderstorms.

The cloud seeding plane shot out a total of 26 flairs between both trips.

Since the clouds were at a warmer temperature than needed to shoot silver iodide flares, the pilot tried an alternative method, using a mixture of calcium and chloride.

The first time they went up they went southwest of Wichita Falls and the second trip was west around Lake Kemp.

City officials will have a better sense of how much cloud seeding helped the storm, if any, in a few weeks because they will get a report mapping out the flights and pinpointing exactly where the flares were shot.

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