Cloud Seeding Project Gets Nationwide Attention

- Cloud seeding's newness to the area is what city and project officials say is bringing the project statewide and national attention.

Teresa Rose, public works deputy director, says, "You have to realize that we're in one of the most extreme droughts on record in this area. It's very widespread. The City of Wichita Falls is going above and beyond and doing a lot of new things."

While cloud seeding itself isn't a new concept, media, including WFAA, the ABC affiliate in Dallas that's profiling the project, are interested in its success.

Gary Walker, the project director, says, "The Dallas TV station, again, they've not heard much about cloud seeding because generally cloud seeding goes on in the western part."

The project's receiving national attention, too.

A crew from Discovery Channel came to town Wednesday to learn more.

"The Discovery Channel, in the past, has been interested in the cloud seeding program," Rose says. "They have went out and interviewed and filmed, interviewed, and shown highlights of cloud seeding that's been previously done out in Plains, TX."

"They're just doing it as kind of a reality type show," Walker says.

"This was another great opportunity for them to see what was being done in a new area," Rose says.

Officials say Discovery Channel plans to include the Wichita Falls cloud seeding project in a potential new series about weather modification.

No word yet on when the WFAA or Discovery Channel reports will air.

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