Comment Made at a Local Restaurant Upsets W.F. Child

A Wichita Falls child encounters treatment at a local restaurant that has become tough to swallow for many Texomans.
Eleven year old Libby Brooks has some health issues that require her to wear a mask in public, but as Mechell Dixon found out a direct comment made to her after she walked into a local restaurant shattered Libby's normally upbeat spirit.

The mother of Libby Brooks says for years her daughter has been in and out of hospitals because of a blood disorder.
Now, doctors believe she has a possible Vitamin K deficiency, which is causing her blood to not clot.
Because of that, Libby does not get out much, which is why her mother says she was so excited yesterday to go to Five Guys Burgers and Fries.
But Libby says something happened moments after she walked into the restaurant that made her lose her appetite.

Eleven year old Libby Brooks does not like wearing a face mask in public.
However, treatment for a rare blood disorder forces her to do so.
And she says thursday afternoon, an employee at Five Guys Burgers and Fries turned her mask into the center of attention.

"I walked in and a guy was holding his fingers up like an X and I was wondering what he was doing and when we walked closer he was holding his arms up like an X and he was like you can be in here because you're sick," Libby says.

Libby was with her mentor who told the employee she was not contagious, but it didn't help.
She says they left and a short time later with her mother who says the restaurant owner did apologize but also made excuses.

"They said they were just making fun of it and that's kind of what they do in that establishment.  They goof around and they have fun," says Dorothy Brooks, Libby's mother.

Fun, Brooks says came at her daughter's expense.

"This was the first time she has said I'm tired of being sick.  I'm tired of this.  I don't want to leave the house with my mask anymore if people are going to make fun of me," Brooks explains.

Thursday night, Brooks' mother posted this picture on Facebook along with what happened to Libby at Five Guys Burgers and support poured in.
One comment even said, "You know who else wears a mask?  Superheroes."
Brooks says the support started lifting Libby's spirit and she put on her John Cena "Never Give Up" t-shirt and headed to the Childrne's Miracle Network office to stuff 500 backpacks full of toys for sick children.

"This is her cause and this is what she lives for... to make children in the hospital, their life better.    And she says she's not gonna let somebody get her down to where she's not supporting her cause," Brooks says.

I spoke with the owner of Five Guys Burgers and Fries.
He wouldn't talk on camera but did send this company statement:

"It is unacceptable for any employee to make any customer feel bad or embarrassed.  We want to apologize to libby and her family and do all that we can to make this right."

Five Guys owner, Bill Osterman, called me about 30 minutes ago and said he met with Libby and her family for more than an hour earlier this afternoon.
He said they accepted the apology of Five Guys and the employee.
Osterman also said Five Guys is looking forward to partnering with the family and Libby's cause in the very near future.

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