Computer Problems Hinder Obamacare Open Enrollment

- Open enrollment for Obamacare started Tuesday. The government set up a website to make the process quote, "Easy and hassle-free." But some people say it was anything but that. is where folks could go to get information about as well as sign up for healthcare coverage. But some say they hit a major roadblock on that website while simply trying to register.

Michelle Kilman was looking forward to signing up for healthcare on the government's website.

"Without it, if I get sick or have to be in the hospital I won't be covered.  It's very detrimental cause we never know what the future holds," Kilman says.

For Kilman, and thousands of others across the country, accessing was easier said than done.

"This is the first glitch, trying to log in," says Kilman.

After several tries, Kilman made it to the section where she could select a security question. Problem was-- there were no questions. Community Healthcare Center in Wichita Falls has two certified applications counselors who are trained to answer questions regarding healthcare plans through information on the government website.

However, when one of them tried to access it they also had to play the waiting game, which made for a slow first enrollment day.

"Just because of the technical problems I've only talked to about six.  It's been only a handful," says Stephanie Knisley, a certified application counselor in Wichita Falls.

But officials say once the glitches are gone they expect to be very busy helping people find healthcare information and plans.

Another big problems Wichita Falls residents encountered today involved finding help in this area. Although Community Healthcare Center has two certified application counselors to assist folks when you searched for assistance the center did not come up. Just numerous sites in Oklahoma.

But officials hope things will be running smoother soon.

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