Congressman Thornberry Visits Howmet; Talks Water Conservation

- While many of us are trying to cut way back and having to pay large water surcharges as we near stage five, business owners are trying to do the same.

And, 13th District Congressman, Mac Thornberry toured one of our bigger local businesses Monday, Alocoa Howmet Casting. 

Although they wouldn't release details, Congressman Thornberry says they have cut back their water usage by 6% the last few years, and by this summer, they will have a water recycling process up and running that will cut back their water usage by 20%.

"The company is taking steps and spending a fair amount of money, by the way to improve their use of water at the same time," says Congressman Thornberry.

Thornberry says getting businesses involved in water conservation is important to lessen the burden of extreme water restrictions on the community.

"When you have companies like Howmet voluntarily improving their use of water, recycling water etc. Then that's the great combination that keeps the jobs here as well as reduces the amount of water that they use," says Thornberry.

A large company like Howmet has the resources to cut back but Thornberry says it may be harder for small business owners to do the same, so it's important everyone continues to conserve as much as they can.

"There's not gonna be a silver bullet answer, making better use of the water we have, as well as continuing to pray for rain is the best I think we have," says Thornberry.

Howmet is not the only large businesses finding ways to conserve, PPG in Wichita Falls and Cryovac in Iowa Park are also working on large water recycling projects.

Now we did ask Thornberry about the possibility of getting federal aid because of the on going drought.

He did say there have been talks about declaring parts of Texoma a Presidential Disaster Area that would open up some loans but he said it is something that has not been done for decades and would need more time to look into.

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