County Health Rankings Show Wichita County Improving

A snapshot of our area shows overall health is improving but there are still areas that need work.

The University of Wisconsin released its 5th annual County Health Rankings for the state of Texas on Wednesday morning.

Wichita County comes in ranked at 151 out of the 232 counties that were ranked in Texas.

Wichita moves up one place compared to last year.

Wichita Falls- Wichita County Public Health District Assistant Director of Health Amy Fagan says the County Health Rankings are important guides in determining what areas the health department needs to focus on.

"We're doing ok but what we know is that we've made improvements in the subsets, in those places, in those health factors," Fagan says.

In addition, Fagan says the rankings show Wichita County has seen a decrease in excessive drinking, teen birth rates and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

However, this year's rankings show an increase in the number of adults who smoke.

Fagan says the obesity numbers also grew.

"It's also important for us to look and see in that individual data how we can make improvements regardless if we're 5th or 9th or 232nd; how can we make those improvements to improve the health of our community. Not just how we can get better than this county over here who might look like us," Fagan says.

She says she's optimistic the county can make changes that will help move Wichita County up the rankings next year.

"I hope that this is a call to action for all communities," Fagan says. "I hope that everyone makes improvements over time."

If you're wondering how other Texoma counties fared: Jack County - 220, Clay County - 103, Archer County - 50 and Hardeman County - 11. 

Presidio County came in at number one.

For a link to the County Health Rankings, click here

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