Court Martial Begins at Sheppard Involving Student Instructor Pilot Accused of Indecent Exposure

A Sheppard student instructor pilot charged with indecent exposure enters a not guilty plea and his court martial continues.

Second Lieutenant Benjamin Sears is accused of intentionally exposing himself to civilians at Midwestern State University in April and October of last year.

In April last year three MSU nursing students say they saw Sears sitting at a table nearby, while they were studying for an exam.

The girls say they noticed they could see Sear's genitals, they say he was wearing shorts and no underwear and that he had his legs spread very wide.

First, they say they felt embarrassed for Sears, but then realized his exposure was on purpose.

The girls filed a report, but MSU Police could not identify sears, until, one day in October when the girls spotted him again.

Police later learned about another alleged incident that had not been officially reported.

It involved a different group of girls, who say they also saw sears without underwear exposing himself inside the MSU student center.

One of the victims said sears eventually approached them and told the girls he was doing a study with another girl about public nudity.

She said sears asked them a few questions and then asked them to "rate it" from a scale of one to ten.

The girl said she really believed that he was doing a study and didn't think much of the incident which is why she never made a report.

The defense team did not dispute the basic incidents, but said says Sears never touched himself in either incident and always kept his hands above the table, and say its undetermined if the acts were indecent.

The government will bring two more witnesses to the stand Tuesday when the court martial continues.

Currently sears has been removed from flying status and was barred from the MSU campus.

If convicted as charged, sears faces a possible dismissal and two years confinement.

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