- Aside from giving people a way to escape the heat during Texoma's many triple-digit days, Iowa Park Municipal Pool and Spray Park provides an economic boost for the city to the tune of about $55,000 per year.

Robbie Matthews, director of parks and recreation, says, "It's just a great place for everyone. A lot of the daycares use it. It provides jobs for the students."

That's why the city and local residents want to make sure the pool stays open this summer, despite tough water restrictions.

"We've had some local citizens concerned that we'd have to travel distances to get the well water that have offered us well water at little-to-no cost," Matthews says.

The process will start off-site.

"We'll pump out of that into that tank, we'll chlorinate the water, and then from there, we'll truck it to this other tank here on site," Matthews says.

It will be stored in an 8,000 gallon tank for which city crews are currently building the infrastructure.

"We'll pump it into there, and then it's pumped into the filters, treat it again, before it's ever dumped into the swimming pool," Matthews says.

The system will be up and running before May 31, when the park opens its gate for the season.

Matthews says the city's getting a great deal on the water, but to make up the cost for having to pay for it, they'll be increasing daily rates for park entrance by $1.

The cost for a season pass will also go up by $10.

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