Crossfit Set to be Most Popular Workout in 2014

It may be hard to believe, but fitness experts are beginning to make predictions on what the most popular workouts will be for 2014.

And as growth continues greatly for Crossfit, it's obvious why they are forecasting it to be one of the hottest workout of the new year.

It's a workout that has more people grabbing for a bar.

Crossfit focuses on high intensity interval training, which fitness experts say is the most efficient way to workout.

“Well basically, what you find is that by changing things up and by doing shorter workouts that are more intense, you see much better results then if you were to go run 20 miles,” said Crossfit Coach Daniel Boyd.
Jerry Campbell says he's seen the progress first hand.

From 10 months of “Crossfitting" he says he's lost 42 pounds, and gained about 25 pounds of muscle.

“You become addicted to the progress, the companionship, the friendships that you develop and the way your body feels,” he said.

And that addiction, makes for quite the business plan.
Experts say there is only a 2% failure rate when opening a Crossfit gym, otherwise known as a "box."

And at Crossfit Wichita Falls business is reaching new heights.

“I think we have celebrated Christmas in a new box every year for the last three years,” said Boyd.

Since opening in 2010 they've had to move every year because their facility became overcrowded.

“Once you are in it you are hooked, it's like what they say, 'Once you start drinking the cool aid, you are set.'”

Set, to keep coming back for more.

Currently Crossfit Wichita Falls has more than 200 members.

They plan to open at their new location on Kell West on the December 1st.

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