Crowds Slither to Waurika Rattlesnake Hunt

With food and fun, this may look like your typical weekend festival, but the town of Waurika Oklahoma's annual celebration is crawling with a twist. 

Rattlesnakes, and hundreds of them, a freightening sight for some.

"Some people won't even go by the cages they're in, we get a lot of people screaming, a lot of people interested in them," said Waurika Fire Chief David Morris.

For the onlookers of this year's Rattlesnake Hunt who weren't scared, they learned why they should be.

During thrill shows, people learned how deadly their venomous bites could be and that Rattlesnakes only strike when they feel threatened.

"If you don't panic, you're going to be okay," said Waurika City Manager Chuck Brow.

"They show you what to do if you're sitting on the ground and one is under your leg or whatever. You're sleeping at the campsite because they're all over the area and it just teaches you to live with them," said Morris.

While thousands crowded the streets of Waurika for this year's Rattlesnake Hunt, organizers say the annual snake show brings in some serious money for the towns Volunteer Fire Department.

"Probably a $3 Million impact on the town, maybe four, there's nothing the Fire Department could do to work three days and make this much money," said Brow.

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