Cruisin' Nocona Offers Unique Car Auction

- Classic cars were revving their engines in hopes of getting sold to the highest bidder in Nocona Saturday

The second annual Cruisin' Nocona continued with the car show and auction.

The car auction featured about 250 classic and restored cars.

The cars went for 10- thousand all the way up to the most expensive, going for 265- thousand dollars.

That car was a 1971 LS 6 Corvette that's one of only 28 made in the US.

Organizers say the Nocona's auction is unlike any other.

“Instead of being in a big convention center where you got 500 or a thousand cars, all packed in there like a big car show, this is a wholesome event, they have a car cruise, a car show, you have the collector car auction, it's just a really unique throw back to how they used to do it 40 years ago,” says Auction Manager Will Loomis.

Last year the auction brought in two- point- six million dollars

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