Crystal Canales Pays-It-Forward


Every week we head out to various locations around Texoma, but this week it only took us driving to the end of our driveway before Crystal Canales spotted us.

I was like should I follow it, should I not, and they were like go for it! And I was like ok!,” said Crystal Canales, this week's pay it forward winner.

Crystal was on her way to work when her boss okay-ed her to follow the Pay-It-Forward truck to Parkway Grill, all for a very special friend.

"She's got two kids to think about and kind of going through a little bit of a rough time right now," said Canales.

That friend is Susan Aguilar and while we were on our way to meet Susan the only thing Crystal told her was that she had something to show her.

So when Susan finally found out what was going on her emotions were overwhelming.

"I know you've been going through a hard time....,"Canales said while hugging Aguilar who was sobbing.

Part of why Susan was so shocked to see us is because she thought Crystal was bringing a puppy to show her. But once the cat, or in this case the dog, was out of the bag she could only say one thing.

It's truly a blessing right now, so I'm very excited, so definitely better than a puppy," said Aguilar.

A blessing for Susan because she a single mother of two boys, a single mother who had to recently move by herself.

"We had to move out of our house so it's been, we went from something really huge to something small, which is ok with me, but it's been hard, it's definitely been a change in my life, for the better but it's been very hard. It couldn't have come at a better time," said Aguilar.

Because along with moving comes a bunch of unexpected expenses which now thanks to Crystal, Susan will be able to handle all while supporting her boys.

Susan said she plans to use the money she received on food for her two boys and gas in the tank to get back and forth to work..

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