Cunningham Elementary Home to Only Deaf Education School in Region

Cunningham Elementary is home to the Regional Day School Program for the Deaf.

It's the only school in WFISD and the region to provide such a program.

The goal is to provide specialized skills in order to maximize student potential.

There are 4 classrooms ranging from pre-k to 6th grade.

Pre-k classes are geared towards setting a solid foundation for future learning.

Donna Husnick is a Deaf Education Teacher at Cunningham and teaches pre-k.

“Many of them have cochlear implants or hearing aids. So, what we do is focus a
lot on their speech and language and listening skills. And we cover all those through
academics getting them ready for kindergarten."

Sometimes, they learn these skills through song and dance.

They also use the mimio board to have an interactive learning experience.

Lessons are always communicated through voice and sign language and they include
learning numbers, days of the week, and months of the year.

We asked pre-K student, Hero, what his favorite month was.

“November. Because my birthday.”

And as quickly as the days, weeks and months go by, these students are gaining skills
they will use for many years to come.

Eric Jeansonne

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