Daycare Driver Charged with DWI with Children

    Kim Smith, principal at West Foundation, says, "Our teacher had gone to the vehicle and found the person passed out and became concerned because they couldn't get the person to wake up."
    An arrest affidavit states a school employee opened door and shook the driver several times before she finally woke up.
    That driver was 32-year-old Holly Wooton.
    Employess said she told them she was fine, but school employees said they didn't allow the child that was to be picked up at West Foundation to get in the van.
    They said Wooton closed the door of her van and took off with two one-year-olds and a three-year-old inside, none of them restrained or in safety seats.
    "We contacted the parent of the child.  The parent of the child had some ideas of where they might be headed and was able to meet them at the location they were traveling to and then contacted me," Smith says.
    Smith drove to Cunningham Elementary, which was the vans next stop.
    An affidavit states a concerned parent opened the door of the  van and took out the keys.
    Officers say once they arrived on scene, Wooton approached them and said quote, "I'm guilty.  I'm drunk.  Just take me away."
    Officers conducted a field sobriety test on Wooton and determined she was intoxicated.
    She was arrested and taken to Wichita County Jail on charges of driving while intoxicated with child passengers.
    Officials say none of the children were injured.
    When we called Wooton's home today, she said the daycare was closed and she had decided to shut it down.
    We also spoke with the parent of the child that was to be picked up at West Foundation.
    She stressed how grateful she is for the alert school staff members who stopped her child from getting in the vehicle and avoiding a dangerous situation.
    Parents say she was great with their kids and this type of behavior was not common of Wooton.

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