Details on the Death of Murder Suspect, David Daniel

New details about a murder suspect's apparent suicide in the Cotton County Jail.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation officials are looking into David Daniel's death.  His body was found in his jail cell yesterday.

Daniel was charged with first degree murder in the January death of 52 year-old Teresa Speir. 

Officials say a trustee serving breakfast found Daniel's body just before 5 yesterday morning.  They say it appears Daniel used his underwear tied to  his cell door to hang himself.

OSBI officials were notified of the death just before 7:30 yesterday.  Public Information Officer Jessica Brown says her agency's involvement is procedural.

Brown says, "What OSBI does in an investigation on a jail death is try to speak to everyone involved, everyone who was inside the jail at the time, and that would include the jailers themselves as well as any other people who are incarcerated there.  We also look for any means by which the person died."

Arrest records show Daniel admitted killing his neighbor with a pipe wrench in his trailer because he thought she was stealing things from him.  Then, Speir's body was found in a nearby field two weeks after she was reported missing.

Brown says Daniel's death won't be confirmed as a suicide until a medical examiner makes the determination.

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