Diner receives new look thanks to loyal customers

NOCONA - A Nocona man's restaurant is back open for business after a fire forced him to close for two months. 
The owner, Bear Weller, said without his customers being by his side through the rebuilding process opening back up, probably wouldn't have happened. 

"With all the damage that happened, I didn't think we would get it back that quick," said Bear. 

We first met Bear after a fire destroyed the trailer house parked next to the diner and ruined part of the roof, ceiling and also did serious damage to the business's electrical wiring. 

"When the fire hit, I was really devastated and didn't think that I would be able to open back up, but now that I have, it's just, the feeling is greater than it was before," Weller said. 

At the time, Bear worried he may not be able to open his doors again, but his loyal customers and friends made sure that it did.

"I was so amazed at how the people reacted when it happened," Bear said. "You know, as the trailer house was burning, I had people coming up and donating money, saying, 'Here. Get started opening back up. We want you opening back up." 

Bear's customers donated everything from monetary donations, tin and even cedar.

"I knew they needed some help. It was hard for him to try to get back in business after the fire and I thought well, I would help them this way," said Bill Devoure, Bear's Den Diner customer. "And I started to come help them do some of the carpentry work, but they just did such a good job, I just let them have it." 

Devoure owns a personal saw mill and cut randon links so Bear could update the look of the diner. 

Bear said devoure came back week after week offering more cedar.

"I didn't want him to run out and so, that's how that came about and I just kept checking on him," Devoure said.

And now that Bear's diner is up and running again, people from all over, are ready to make the trek to Nocona. 

"My sister lives in Denton and she was looking forward to him opening back up because they like it, too," said Paula Haralson, Bear's Den Diner customer.  

Thanks to his giving customers, Bear said his diner is back and better than ever. 

"I grew up in a big town and I honestly don't think it would have happened in a big town like it did this town. You know, everybody come together to help and it's not with just me. If anybody's in need, they run and help," Bear said. 

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