Doctor to Pay Plaintiff $51K in Medical Malpractice Suit

    A jury of seven women and five men declare a Wichita Falls doctor was negligent when he mistakenly left a piece of wire from a neurostimulator in a patient's back.
    That means Dr. Sanjoy Sunderesan will pay Grace Taylor $50,000 damages for pain and suffering, and also the additional medical bills grace Taylor faced after the surgery.
    The additional bills amount to about $1300.
    During closing arguments in 89th District Court, Taylor's attorney told jurors six inches of wire, with four attached metal pieces, was left in her client after the neurostimulator was taken out.
    She said her client suffered mental anguish because she felt she could no longer trust Dr. Sundaresan; the doctor who she trusted with her care for several years.
    Taylor's attorney also argued Dr. Sundaresan's mistake meant Taylor had to get additional surgeries.
    Taylor's attorney asked for $250-thousand in pain and suffering for her client, though the jury eventually decided on a lesser amount.
    Dr.Sundaresan's attorney argued that of the several medical experts who testified in the case, not one said the standard of care was breached.
    In fact, one doctor testified most doctors who implant a foreign device into a patient's body have the experience of leaving part of that device in the body.
    She said no damage was caused by leaving the wire behind, but the jury disagreed.

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