Dog Tags Returned to Family of WWII Wichita Falls Vet Who Lost them in France

The family of a World War Two veteran from Wichita Falls received the best Veterans Day gift possible- the airman's dog tags which were lost when his plane went down in France in 1944.

It's all thanks to the determination of a nine year old boy in Ohio who wouldn't take no for an answer when others said the relatives couldn't be found.

Lenny Aydemir returned the long-lost dog tags to the pilot's family who flew to Ohio for a Veterans Day school assembly Monday.

Jack Robbins, who was from Wichita Falls, was flying a dive-bombing mission when he was shot down over France.

A French family hid him in a brier patch and cared for him until he was eventually captured by German soldiers and sent to a prisoner of war camp.

He eventually escaped and returned to the United States.

Robbins drowned while fishing in 1969 and that should have been the end of this vet's story, until the early 90's when a man found his dog tags in France.

That man tried but failed to find Robbins's family, and eventually gave the tags to Lenny's uncle, who also failed to find family members.

But Lenny refused to give up and finally tracked granddaughters and others down in Texas and Colorado.

Family members of Robbins described Monday's presentation as a moment words can't describe.

"I almost cried it's just marvelous. I can't believe they were found and we're going to get them back," said Cheryl Robbins, daughter in law of Jack Robbins.

Aydemir said, "They helped free France and we do something for the Americans. I do something for the Americans to thank them."

The search not only brought the dog tags back to the Robbins family, it also helped bring them together as a family.

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