Drought Brings Wild Animals Into City Limits

While conditions are getting very dry within the city, water can be even harder to find out in the country.

And the less water there, the more you may be seeing wild critters coming into the city searching for it.

Wichita County's Animal Services say with ponds and tanks drying out, there's less food and water.

They say several coyotes have been spotted throughout Wichita Falls and as spring approaches more skunks and racoons will come out.

But animal services says if you see them, stay away.

"Leave them alone. Don't go interact with them, don't try to encourage them to come closer. Most the time they are going to be just as scared and will run away so leave them alone," said Katrena Mitchell The Animal Services Administrator.

Animal Services say don't leave pet food out overnight and make sure to bring your cats and small dogs into your home to protect them

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