Drought Forcing City View ISD to Build New Track and Field

Football players from a Wichita Falls school say they feel the pain of the drought every time there is a tackle. That's why school officials say they decided to make plans for a new track and field complex.

City View says they have been considering building a new track and football field for some time, but say the drought finally convinced them it was time to begin the project.

The football team at City View isn't wasting any time getting ready for the next season. They are quickening their steps, getting stronger. Happy, they don't have to take hits right now.

“It's kind of like being tackled on a road. It's really hard and it hurts,” said Ryan Karr, City View's quarterback.

“The surface is very hard, it's dangerous, it's not safe to play on,” said City View Superintendent Steve Harris.

He says the concrete like feel of the field is because of the drought and lack of regular watering. He says it has workers now sprinting to finish what was once thought to be a project in the distant future.

“We were eventually going to go artificial turf anyway, then the drought just sped up the process for it, for us,” said Harris.

The facility is 13 years-old and it's easy to rip out the loose and cracked old track surface. Once the almost one million dollar renovation is complete, these players are sure to have a much lighter landing. City View expects to have the renovations complete by February.

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