Drought Resistant Plants Help Neighborhood Conserve Water

Archer County, TX. -- If you drive around Wichita Falls you can tell right away most landscaping and yards was not planned for a low water environment.

But that could be the shape of things to come, not only in this area, but all across Texas and other parts of the nation.

And many developers are already looking into the future when they plan new residential areas.

 Lynn Connolly lives in The Prairie residential development.

The Prairie is a neighborhood built with water conservation in mind.

"We are in north west Texas, we're gonna have droughts, we're gonna have dry wind, we're gonna have hail storms and tornadoes, so I think we need to get smart and plant the plants that the good lord put here," says Connolly.

Lynn Connolly has always loved gardening, like most local gardeners, she used to grow the water hungry varieties of grass and flowers,  but she has found a way to adjust her garden to drought and heat.

"They don't have to be all cactus, they can be pretty and colorful," says Connolly.

When you walk out Connolly's back door you feel like you are on the prairie..and her plants are very much in bloom despite having very little water.

Her garden features a variety of plants most people have never heard of.

They're called Xeriscape plants and they take very little water and upkeep.

 "Each year instead of them being knocked back when it's hot and dry they seem to flourish," says Connolly.

Her plants are watered by a drip system, but even if they don't get water Connolly says the her plants and trees will survive.

Connolly says she was hesitant to make the switch to Xeriscape plants but she has been surprised by the variety and beauty of the plants, and now she loves her lawn.

"The textures the colors of the foliage and i think the biggest surprise is how they bloom, (the yuccas will bloom for three months and they bloom twice a year, my roses never lasted that long, my perennials never last that long," says Connolly.

 The biggest problem she has is keeping her plants small because they grow so well.
If you want more information about The Prairie you can visit their website.


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