Drug Arrests, Value of Drugs Down in 2013

- An annual report released by the Wichita Falls Police Department shows fewer drug arrests and a huge decline in the dollar amount of drugs seized in the city last year compared to 2012.

"We've made so many good cases over the last couple years, all the agencies have, that it's really having an impact on what we're seeing now," WFPD Sgt. John Spragins says.

He says that's thanks in part to federal agencies conducting large-scale drug busts in the city and in Wichita County using criminal conspiracy charges.

"They take a large group of people that are involved in this drug ring and take them all out at one time," Sgt. Spragins says.

He says those cases take key drug makers and distributors off the streets, decreasing the amount of drugs being pushed through the area and the amount of arrests made because those people are behind bars, choking off the supply of drugs for other dealers..

"That's what those federal conspiracy cases are really designed for is to pick out the main people that are involved in those crimes," Sgt. Spragins says.

Last year, the number of felony drug arrests decreased by 83 compared to the year before.

The value of drugs seized in the city dropped drastically from more than $1.1 million to about $260,000.

That's a difference of more than $887,000 worth of drugs.

The report also states the value of meth seized realized a dramatic drop, decreasing by about $700,000.

Spragins says that can largely be attributed to new state laws that limit the amount of pseudoephedrine people can buy at a single time.

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