Dry Weather Making Allergies Worse This Spring

It's springtime, which means weather is getting warmer and more people are enjoying the great outdoors. However, the season is also bringing about a lot of suffering for those with allergies.

Flowers are typically in bloom this time of year but thanks to the continued drought, instead of seeing green, this spring the area is still quite dry and brown which has allergy sufferers suffering even more.

Spring has never been a great season for Jenny Fowler but she says this year her allergies seem worse.

"It seems like my eyes are more watery.  I've got more drainage coming out of them.  I've had a lot of facial pressure and sinus pressure headaches," Fowler says.

In fact, her allergies worsened and turned into an infection that required antibiotics to cure. Doctors say Fowler and many other allergy sufferers are experiencing the same thing despite the area's lack of substantial rain.

"When it's very dry, that dust and irritants can cause allergy like symptoms and that could be a reason why some patients have worsening symptoms even when it's very dry," says Dr. Jed Grisel, and ear, nose and throat specialist at Head & Neck Surgical Associates.

Dr. Jed Grisel also says several weeks of temperatures alternating between sub-freezing and warm are also playing a role.

"Anytime that happens, you have different allergens coming into the area.  You also have viruses that people have.  Sometime people develop a viral upper respiratory infection and they think that's a sinus exacerbation.  So, these weather changes can absolutely play a role on how patient's sinus symptoms affect them," Dr. Grisel explains.

And the doctor says the only way to get relief is through medications or by avoiding your allergens.

Dr. Grisel and doctors from other Wichita Falls clinics say in addition to seeing a noticeable increase in patients seeking treatment for allergies, they are also having many patients whose severe allergies have elevated to infections that require antibiotics to cure.

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