Duncan Enters Stage Five Water Restrictions

Enforcement of stage five water restrictions in the City of Duncan will begin next week after their city council meeting. 

The new restrictions are in place but enforcement will be delayed until the city council reviews the ordinance and rules.

Duncan Mayor Gene Brown signed a proclamation declaring stage five water restrictions on Dec. 30 which bans any outdoor watering.

Duncan Public Works Director Scott Vaughn says they decided to go into stage five after its main water source, Waurika Lake, fell below 30%.

Vaughn says, "Essentially all outside watering is prohibited as the ordinance is written."

Vaughn says stage five prohibits all Duncan residents from using city resources to water their landscapes, wash vehicles with the exceptions of food transportation or garbage vehicles.

Watering foundations around structures and on-site watering at commercial nurseries will also still be allowed.

He says residents have already done a good job to conserve.

"As a whole the community has been very responsive to the call for conservation," Vaughn says. 

Local businesses like Wiseley Homes and Pools haven't been impacted just yet but owner Larry Wiseley says he has his concerns.

Vaughn says, "We'll see how it affects. How we go but we'll try to have some other plans in store."

Wiseley says he hopes the Duncan City Council considers making making changes to the ordinance.

"Well I think a pool is different then outdoor watering," Wiseley says. "It's a one time fill up for the most part. It may be any where from 10 to 20,000 gallons of water but it's a one time deal and the rest of it is just a maintenance issue, keeping water in your pool."

Enforcement of those restrictions will start after the city council's next meeting when they will determine if they want to make any changes to the ordinance.

The meeting will be Tuesday, Jan. 13., at 5:15 p.m. at 18 S. 7th St. 

Vaughn says they're looking at possibly drilling wells and bringing another lake that has been offline back online.

He says they're also applying for grants to pay for those projects. 

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