E-Cigarette Ban in Oklahoma; Not Affecting Texas Sales

Many people are now choosing e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking, but since they are unregulated, the long- term effects of using them, also called "vaping", have yet to be seen.

The uncertainty of the products caused Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to ban e-cigarettes on all state owned and leased property, in state buildings and state vehicles.

The new e-cig ban in Oklahoma hasn't slowed down business in Texas.

“There are some customers concerned about it mostly our customers that come in that are state employees are concerned about it because that means they can't use it in places that they frequent,” says Stogies Sales Associate Mike Lewis.

And s Lewis says he doesn't think his customers have anything to worry about.

“Oklahoma has always been a little bit stricter on vaping then Texas has, so I’m thinking it probably won't happen here, but it still may, laws change everyday,” says Lewis.

He says despite the Oklahoma Department of Health saying vaping can impact non-smokers he says the chemical count is much lower than regular cigarettes.

“Secondhand smoke contains about 5,000 chemicals which what you breath on an e-cigarette is just water vapor, as matter a fact the chemicals inside the e-cigarette, the actual user is inhaling is much lower, it's about 5 versus chemical counts in the thousands,” says Lewis.

He says most of the problems with chemicals come from products outside the U.S.

There have been some issues with imported juices before, that's why I always recommend buying home grown juices.

And texomans we spoke to had a different opinion of the ban.

“Not a smoker, doesn't affect me at all, doesn't really bother me at all.”

“I believe in personal freedom and the less restrictions you put on behavior the better.”

“I saw the doctor on TV that said anything that goes into your lungs other than air is bad for you, so if it's bad coming in, what's going out?”

“I would prefer to smoke a real cigarette then a vapor cigarette because what your sucking on is like steamed water, so that doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but as far as outlawing it goes, no I don't think it should be outlawed.”

For now choosing to vape, is up to the individual, at least in Texas.

If you want to read more about the Oklahoma ban we have added the press release and information from the health department here.

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