Early Morning Storm Downs Trees, Limbs Around Wichita Falls

- Toppled trees had crews busy across Texoma Monday with large tree limbs down all over.

Some debris is large like the downed tree on Sondra Drive off Call Field Road. But we found the majority of the debris includes tree limbs, branches and even roof tiles, that can be picked up by hand.

Still there is so much debris that nearly 15 hours after the storm, the cleanup continues.

The sound of picking up and chainsaws was common around Wichita Falls.

It is all because of line of thunderstorms that moved through during the early Monday morning and caused a flood of calls to landscaping businesses.

"My phone rings about every minute to minute and a half," says Charlie Carr of Texas Tree and Landscape.

"People leaving messages from everywhere from stuff being on cars.  Stuff being on houses.  Pretty much everything," adds Michael Iberra with Affordable Landscaping.

And the aftermath of the storm's strong winds had crews hustling.

The strong winds didn't just knock down small tree limbs, but entire trees.  And, in a few cases, some of those trees actually came down and damaged homes, like a house on Randall.

Winds brought down this 20 year old tree, however, winds were not the only problem from the storm. Darrell Brown says his mother woke to find a portion her 30 year old tree across her yard. And he says a neighbor explained what happened to it.

"Her son's bedroom started glowing blue and yellow and then all of a sudden they heard this loud crash and pop and boom and they looked outside and saw that my mother's tree had actually been hit by lightning and fell out to the road," Brown says.

But whether it was lightning or winds, this storm brought down trees and limbs that will take a few days to clean up. City crews tell me they expected debris from the storm to mostly be from trees that have died from the drought. However, there are quite a few live trees that actually became casualties of this storm.

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