Early Risers: Circle M Bakery

It's crunch time for Macario Chapa.

He and the rest of the Circle M team know that in just a couple hours their bakery will be packed with hungry customers.

"It all works like clockwork," Chapa said. "It's kind of crowded but at the same time it's actually fun."

Chapa's day actually started yesterday when he came in at 9:30 p.m. He and the dough cutter, David, work through the night, preparing donuts by the tray-full.

A donut's journey begins in the back as it moves from from the dough to the oven to the fryer to the glaze.

But of course the magic doesn't stop back there. Out in the next room, the donuts get icing and sprinkles. Then they're set down on trays to be sold.

Marilyn Elliott started Circle M Bakery 31 years ago today. Her brother partnered with her a few years later and the shop has become a Wichita Falls staple.

"It's not hard. But what we do, because we come in early, makes it hard," Elliott said.

"I have to get up early enough to get the kids from school," Chapa said. "So it's kind of a sleep as you can basis."

The other hard part: stopping yourself from eating every donut that hits those trays and there are choices aplenty!

"I try to at least eat a donut a day," Chapa said. "[That] makes it ok."

So besides the occasional snack, what's Chapa's favorite part of the job?

"I love smelling like a big ole box of donuts everywhere I go," he said.

And his customers love the smell and the taste too!

The bakery plows through thousands of donuts a day and the customers keep coming...and coming...and coming.

"I still can't believe it," Elliott said. "It just floors me every time I see it."

It's tiring, but it's rewarding at the end because you make a good product," Chapa said.

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