Electra ISD Consolidates into Two Schools

- This is the first school year in decades that Dinsmore Elementary School in Electra hasn't been full of students.

Starting last month, Electra consolidated its three schools into two.

Scott Hogue, Electra ISD superintendent, says, "We now have a more traditional, two campuses that are more traditional that you see usually in the state of Texas with a Headstart through sixth grade campus, which we call the elementary, and then we have a seventh through twelfth grade which we call the secondary school."

Hogue says a committee under former superintendent Gary Nightingale had to make the tough, cost-saving recommendation.

"We were still living on 2A school type budgets with staffing and buildings and things of that nature, but we'd lost enrollment over the last 10 years, a significant amount of enrollment, and so something had to be done to bring us more in line with the amount of money we're generating from the state and locally," Hogue says.

The district didn't cut any staff, but the junior high principal did retire, so with one less principal and no utility costs from the elementary school, Electra ISD will save about $250,000 this year alone.

They still need to cut costs by as much as $250-thousand in the next couple of years.

"What we're going to do is we will reduce our number in staff through attrition over the next several years and within the next three to five years, we probably will see another $250,000 windfall in the reduction of salaries," Hogue says.

And even though one door is now closed, Hogue says teachers and students have settled into their new home.

"They were really sad for one era to be closed down, they have really been troopers at the new building."

Right now, there are no plans to demolish Dinsmore Elementary and the utilities are still connected.

Hogue says it will remain open for residents to use for community, athletic, and fundraising events, and says the building could be turned into a centralized location for city offices, but that's just one of the ideas that's being tossed around right now.

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