Electra Plans to Reopen Water Wells

As stage five water restrictions loom for Wichita Falls, some surrounding communities are getting ready to follow suit, especially those that buy water from Wichita Falls. 

However, some communities are being proactive in their efforts to make sure every drop continues to count.  

Electra City Administrator Larry Pannell says the city decided to close down its wells after latching onto Iowa Park's water supply, who buys water from Wichita Falls, but they say as water restrictions get tighter, it's time to have a back up plan.

The City of Electra's Reverse Osmosis plant is going through some changes as Pannell says the city is working on reopening the city's wells in an effort to make sure water to the city never runs out.

"We have this asset in the ground and we would like to use that," Pannell says. "Rather than starting all over looking for other areas, drilling new wells, we'd just like to rehab what we have already in the ground."

Pannell says the city owns 40 wells on 53 acres.

He says the wells could provide an additional $125,000 gallons per day.

"When we have a backup, it helps the whole surrounding area," Pannell says. "It helps Wichita Falls and their demand. It helps Iowa Park and their demand and whatever we can do; that's what we would like to do. To alleviate the situation because we're all in the ball game here."

In addition, Electra Water Operator Donnie Clifton says the RO plant is being converted into a filtration station that would pump the water into the city from eight miles away.

Clifton says the process does have its speed bumps.

"If you have a major line break, you can lose a lot of what you produce in a fast amount of time," Clifton says. 

However, he says having the water from the wells ready to go is worth it.

Clifton says, "It's very important, that way it'll help supplement a lot of the water that we buy. It will help with fire issues and public health."

Pannell says the city has already taken water samples, and electricity is in place at the plant but he says at the moment there is no timeline as to when water from the wells will begin to be pumped into the city  after meeting standards.

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